The following selections are grouped by high-level concept. I suppose I’ll never really consider the book to be finished until I’ve been able to roll everything up into just one concept. But then it wouldn’t really be a concept, would it? It would just be life...
Physical World

And here are the women. Charleen is here because we loved each other. Alma is here because she loved me and because I was so close to fully loving her that I mostly think of it as love. Anita is here because of the warmth I felt for her and because of how that warmth ended; in both regards, she is unique. I’ve written about Julie here and there throughout the website, but I didn’t have enough time with her then to fill a page about her now.

When I think about those women now, this is what, in their time, they meant to me: Charleen was my home, Alma was a heaven that was too perfect for me, Anita was a distant land I enjoyed being in for a while, and Julie was the new home I never got to move into.

Of all the people I’ve known in life, Charleen was the closest to pure strength. Not physical strength, not abusive or blustering strength, but internal strength.

Alma seemed to embody all of the good things in life in some kind of divine proportion. Of all the people I’ve known in life, she was the closest to perfection.

Anita was a combination of hardness and vulnerability. A lot of the material on her that’s currently located elsewhere on the website will eventually make its way into A Part of All Things, but for now all of that is its own story.

Also, try the philosophical works of Ludwig Wittgenstein as well as the novels Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho, The Magus by John Fowles, and Parables and Paradoxes (a collection) by Franz Kafka.